Offering Stump Grinding Services to Improve Your Property

At Veteran Residential Works LLC, we specialize in stump grinding for trees of all sizes and species. Not only does having a tree stump on your residential or commercial property diminish curb appeal, it can also pose as a hazard, attract insects, take up useable yard space, and be frustrating to mow around. Serving residents throughout Kannapolis, Mooresville, Lake Norman, NC and the nearby areas, Veteran Residential Works LLC has all the proper equipment required to grind any stump down to the ground, no matter how big it might be.

Unlike stump removal which requires digging up and removing the whole stump and root system, our stump grinding process reduces the stump to smaller wood chips that can then be used as mulch for your landscape. The roots are left behind to decay on their own underground which can sometimes be a lengthy process. However, when you choose this process, the surface of your yard will be ready for use.

Count On Us for a Variety of Stump & Tree Services

Whether you recently had a tree removed or cut down by our company or another arborist, let Veteran Residential Works LLC take care of any unsightly stumps that are left behind.

If you live in Huntersville, Davidson, Concord, Charlotte, NC, or the surrounding communities and are interested in learning more about our stump grinding work or any of our other services including forestry mulching or land clearing, give our team a call today!